Current bikes

The Oracle (Gary) believes most bikes are good today - it's not about the brand but what is fit for purpose.  As it's evolved, our current bikes happen to be BMW's as these seem to particularly suit our 2-up riding needs over a diverse range of terrain on 3 continents.

Having said that, my own bike is a Honda, and you'll never hear either one of us say a bad word about our previous 2up mounts, the KTM Adventures or the Yamaha Tenere.

Our USA 800 GSA
This new to us 2015 F800 GSA is our replacement for the 1200 GS we rode last year.  At the moment it is standard aside from the bash plate and upper crash bars.  We will be testing the stock suspension in northwest America.




The Blonde - 800 GSA
Without a doubt this is the most versatile of our bikes and arguably the best all round bike in the world today. It handles everything from Enduro courses to touring Africa with the most amazing fuel economy. A 600km range opens the door to exploration way beyond the normal horizons. This one is kept at home in Kenya for our African adventures. We've upgraded the suspension back and front and put on a heavy duty front wheel as well as full 'drop it' protection. 



Mo - 1200 GS
2006 model GS, upgraded for ADV riding with Ohlins suspension and Hepco Becker protection. We're a bit worried about how the wheels hold up offroad. Not the 800GSA but a decent and affordable ride for the south west US exploring the Backcountry Discovery routes of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado this spring/summer.


Darth - 1100 RT
Our European sports tourer. This is a fantastic bike for touring on the tar. Our maiden journey from John O'Groats to Land's End (top to bottom of mainland Britain) and plenty of miles in between, proved her merit in all conditions, including green lanes and gale force winds. We love the 5 speed box for it's suitability for loaded 2up riding particularly on high, steep, tight twisties. What an easy pleasure riding this bike is. South East Europe, following the Adriatic coast through Croatia, Montenegro and onto Turkey is our future trip.

Little Red - Honda 230CRF
No words needed. This is just the best bike every made! .

Previous bikes


We've owned a few other bikes for 2up riding, all brilliant in their own way.  My particular favourite rides were the KTM 640 Adventures.  Why don't they make these any more?


Yamaha Tenere XT660Z


KTM 640 Adventure


KTM 640 Adventure

2014-08-11 22.35.15

Suzuki Volusia 800

2014-08-22 07.57.30

Yamaha Tenere 660

2014-09-02 22.38.00