Backseat Banter

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May 30, 2017

Packing for motorcycle travel

  I was going to call this blog The Art of Packing, but we don’t yet have the perfect formula – it’s more an ongoing journey and a never ending evolution. There are many newer and more lightweight solutions coming onto the market all the time and we try to balance cost against weight. If

July 19, 2016

Come Hell or High Water

Adventures on the Colorado Backcountry Discovery RouteColorado had me at once. The second we hit the farm roads at the end of section 6, the beginning of the COBDR for us as we were riding the route North to South, I was in love. Leaving the small town of Baggs we followed the twisting Little

June 18, 2016

Arizona thrills and spills

If Arizona were a woman, she would be a beauty.  Probably a statuesque readhead.  It would be easy to fall in love with her warm heart, her gorgeous good looks and her mellow nature but turn your back for just a second and she’ll stick out her leg and laughingly trip you over. We experienced

June 6, 2016

New Mexico Part 1

    It started with losing Chris… From my comfortable 1200GS back seat I’d catch glimpses of the headlight of his KLR in the rear view mirror and about an hour out of our rendezvous point with the Dragoo’s in Reserve, New Mexico I realised he was no longer with us. Gary had noticed too

May 30, 2016

The warm heart of the United States

  From the outside looking in, it appeared to me America is consumed only by the Trump/Clinton race but as soon as we hit this enormous land mass all that seems to fade away.  It certainly helps that I haven’t looked at a TV screen for more than 3 weeks, and barely had time for